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Replace VitalQIP
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Replace VitalQIP

VitalQIP customers are struggling to evolve their IPAM, DNS and DHCP infrastructure to meet the changing needs of their business. While we fundamentally agree with their centralized architecture, companies need a vibrant platform that extends to their private and public clouds and meets the needs of their distributed infrastructure. BlueCat is the strategic alternative to VitalQIP.

Centralized architecture for scale

The network is evolving beyond the walls of your enterprise. If you are being pushed to support new IT initiatives that require responsive IP Address Management, you need to evaluate the capability of your infrastructure to support change and growth. The best way to adapt to ongoing change in your network, is seamless expansion from a centralized architecture.

BlueCat aggressively invests in product innovation

You trust your DDI provider for upgrades and enhancements that will keep pace with the evolving needs of your business. Your infrastructure requirements are changing rapidly and you need a DDI partner that is committed to innovation.

Migrating is easier than upgrading

BlueCat offers a straightforward migration path that is proven to be easier and safer than upgrading to the latest versions of your existing VitalQIP products. BlueCat has extensive experience supporting VitalQIP conversions across large enterprises managing globally-deployed infrastructures.